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Our mission is to make the online trading industry transparent and accessible to all.

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The EXAprofit Company started its operations in 2019.

We operate worldwide and provide services for all customers except for the USA citizens.

The Company works only with reliable liquidity providers. Our principle is - no dealing desk, fast execution, simple, clear and convenient service without hidden payments.

We store clients' money in separate accounts and pay special attention to the security of funds, use advanced data protection technologies and payment verification.

We work with a variety of payment systems, you can replenish and withdraw funds, including the Local Depositor Partners in various regions of the world.

Local Depositor Partners

Malaysian banks: CIMB, MayBank, Hong Leong Bank, RHB, Public Bank.

Indonesian banks: BCA, Mandiri, Bank BRI, PermataBank, CIMB NIAGA, Bank BTN.

Thai banks: Bangkok Bank, KrungThai Bank, Siam Commercial Bank, KASIKORN Bank, UOB, Krungsri Bank.

Issue of the embossed cards by the MIGOM partner bank.

June 2020 is the launch of an innovative and unique copy-trade system which is the quintessence of all the basic qualities of the best ideas in the world of trading.

The Company is registered on Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG).

Here is the list of legal documents and contracts for review.

Why choose EXAProfit?

We invest and make active development of our own technologies and innovations, which distinguishes us from numerous competitors. Development of our own products is one of the key areas of our company.


We are honest with customers and with ourselves. Our competence and good reputation help us build trust-based relationships with customers, which is especially important for working in the financial market.


We know well how the Forex market works, the main players of the market and the principles of their work. Our knowledge is based on our experience, which allows us observing the highest level of professionalism and competence.

Customer Funds Protection

EXAProfit LLC pays special attention to the protection of customer funds. We strictly observe all necessary safety standards. The company's priority is to protect customers and their investments. We strive to create a safe and reliable trading environment for all our customers.

Separate storage of customer funds and operating funds of the company

Client funds are completely separated from the company's operating funds and are stored in the accounts of the leading European banks of the highest class. EXAProfit LLC does not use the client’s funds for any operational or investment purposes, ensuring their full protection during the entire period of cooperation with the client.

Partnership with banks

EXAProfit LLC cooperates with several banks, which provides additional guarantee for a client funds safety. All funds storage is diversified and strictly complies with the security policy recommended by the world's leading auditing companies.

Encryption technology

EXAProfit uses:

— Network cryptographic protocol SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to ensure a secure connection during any interactions with clients, their protection during transactions, as well as preserve customers’ confidentiality.

— User identification and authentication policies on the server are used in order to ensure the data transfer between the correct user terminal and the server.

— Data encryption during their transfer to prevent their theft and possibility of access by third parties.

— Data integrity preserving in order to ensure their immutability during transmission.