Copy Trade service description

A service that allows investors make money on the Forex and CFD markets by copying deals from trading masters. At the same time, the investor is free from necessity of making decisions and carrying out trading operations, and the trader receives additional income in the form of a commission for successful transactions.

Open an account

Opens an investment account

Selects a trader in the ranking

Attaches his/her account to the trader's account

Gets income


Gets registered as a master

Performs trading operations using his/her own funds (the amount on the trader’s account must be at least $100)

Transactions are copied to the investor's account

Receives a commission from the investor's profit

Interaction between an investor and a trader

The investor was interested in the work of a trader with a commission of 10%, and he connected his account with a deposit of $10,000 to the account of this Trader.


Start of transaction

The trader opens a BUY position 0.5 lot of EUR/USD at a price of 1.12, having $5,000 on the trading account.


1 lot$ 10’000


0.5 lot$ 5’000


Closing a deal

The trader closes the BUY position 0.5 lot of EUR/USD at a price of 1.13 and fixes a profit of $500. In this case, the investor’s profit is $ 1,000.


1 lot$ 10’000 +$ 1’000


0.5 lot$ 5’000+$ 500


Mutual settlement

$100 - the trader's commission (10% of the investor's profit) - is reserved on a special buffer account, and then distributed between the trader and the investor when a settlement occurs.


1 lot$ 10’900

Profit+$ 900

Buffer account+$ 100

Trader's reward
Fixed fee

Weekly, the subscriber fee for connection to the master account is deducted from the investor’s personal account.

Profit distribution

At the end of the trading interval, or early withdrawal of funds by the investor, the profit is distributed.

Negative result

If there is a negative result on the account for the trading interval, then the Manager does not receive anything, and the Investor assumes all losses.

Sharing profit

How exactly transactions are copied (proportionality)

Transactions are copied in proportion to the deposit. If the account is 100, and 1 is invested, then the proportionality of the transaction will be 1/100.

More details: When an investor account created, only new positions of the Manager will be opened on it. Positions opened on the master account before connecting are not duplicated. The volume of a position opened on an investor account is calculated as follows:

(Investor’s Own Funds) / (Manager’s Own Funds) * Volume of the Manager’s position.

Thus, the volume of the position opened for the Investor depends on both the Investor’s funds and the Manager’s funds. If the Manager’s own funds are massively larger than the Investor’s, then, when the Manager opens a transaction as a result of the calculations, it may turn out that the transaction volume for the Investor may be less than 0.01, which is unacceptable by the system. Accordingly, such a transaction will not open. As a result, the Investor in the report gets fewer transactions, and the percentage of return will be different.

How is settlement payment between the Master and the Investor performed

The master sets the type of remuneration (subscription fee, percentage of profit). The investor pays the master a reward weekly or monthly for managing the investment account. (Depending on the chosen type of remuneration - the monthly fee is paid weekly, a percentage of the profit - monthly).

The subscription fee (amount of remuneration) is deducted when creating an Investor's account, depending on the date of creation. In other words, if the subscription fee is 20 USD per week, and the Investor's account was created on Thursday, the fee will be charged for two days (Thursday and Friday) in the amount of 8 USD.

The subscription fee does not go to the Master account of the Manager, but to his trading account.

Are all the transactions taken into account when copying (time of the transaction, min volume and so on)

Not all, if the investor does not have enough money to open a deal, it will not be copied (see paragraph above).